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Electric LED Flood Lights

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We are offering led flood lights. our LED Flood Lights are a good alternative for replacing the standard mercury vapor and halogen lamps. These led flood lights remain in use for a long time without burnout and offer bright illumination. These led flood lights are also known as hoarding lamps because they are fitted in hoardings to illuminate their contents. These led flood lights can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.


Specifications :

  • Input Voltage - AC 230v
  • Power range - 10w, 20w, 30w, 50w, 100w, 150w

Used for :

  • Lighting of outdoor areas such as
  • Gardens
  • Childrens play area
  • Backyards of homes
  • Parking Lots
  • Hoarding flex banner lighting
  • Petrol bunks
  • Indoor Applications such as
  • Factories
  • Go-downs
  • Sports purposes (Badminton courts etc.,)